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Nov 22 2011

My Favourite Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin Recipe from the Gluten Free Goddess! (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

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I have often linked to Karina (the “Gluten Free Goddess“)’s recipes in the past because I find her recipes inspiring, many of her recipes are gluten and soy/dairy free (not all but many!), and they’re colourful, accessible (aka even manageable for junior cooks like me to accomplish!), reasonably priced easy-to-find ingredients…and I love her thoughts […]

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Oct 22 2010


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Not sure if I mentioned it in previous posts, but I get all of my GF flours shipped across the border from nutsonline.com They only ship Canadian orders on Monday, but their quality is fabulous, the shipping is fast and *not* that much (60lbs of flour cost me about $40 to ship I think? Maybe […]

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Oct 20 2010

Week 3 on Detox/Stomach Healing Diet

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Well, I’ve fallen off the compulsive excel spreadsheet bandwagon, but this is probably because I don’t *need* it anymore – I am sort of into a routine of waking up, drinking lemon juice, steeping schizandra berry tea, making a hemp protein filled smoothie or eggs & bacon or an omelet. I have to tell you […]

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