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Nov 21 2011

Dee’s Tangy Spicy Sweet Baked Beans (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Vegan)

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I get random cravings sometimes. And lately, I’ve been craving warm, delicious soups, stews and…beans? I remember my Gramma Betty making baked beans from scratch and the tangy, deliciously sweet flavour that permeated these soft, mushy beans and warmed us right up after a hard afternoon of tobogganing (or whatever we were up to…) and […]

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Sep 06 2011

Dee’s Baked Vegan Bean Burritos (Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Soy Free)

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So tonight started as a “leftover night” but boy let me tell you – did we have *delicious* leftovers from fajita night last night! But even after a second filling helping of fajitas, I *still* had a bunch of leftover refried beans (no biggie they freeze well). I also had a bunch of leftover store-bought […]

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Sep 05 2011

Bean Cooking Chart

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Since I’ve been cooking a lot with beans this weekend (and FYI  – when you use *dry* beans and rinse them well after soaking/cooking there is little to no resulting fartiness!) I thought I’d share a site I’ve found *very* useful…and that is also making me desire a pressure cooker for Christmas… *lol* WOW does […]

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