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Hi there – my name is Dee.


Dee & Stefan

I’m pretty much your average 30-year old Torontonian – happy, go-lucky, quirky, a touch of sarcasm, a little crazy and living happily with my wonderful husband Stefan and our 3 cats Angus, Sylvester and Wolfgang.

Welcome to my blog which I’ve created to document and share my journey back towards health on a gluten, dairy and soy free diet! Here you’ll find recipes, articles, personal reflections and hopefully helpful advice and information!

Or at least amusing anecdotes.

Or maybe you’ll just find me charming and enjoy reading my random thoughts.

Or something.

(At the very least, I know I’ll find this therapeutic and helpful for my own sanity!)

So without further ado – here is my story!


My story begins with a love of food. (Especially cakes, cookies, pastries and sweet things.)

I love to eat. But what I was eating was making me sick. Really, really sick.

I’ve had stomach problems most of my life – my stomach was my barometer for my emotions. When I was feeling stressed or upset, the clenching and cramps would begin. Finally when I was 16 my doctor sent me to a pediatric gastroenterologist who diagnosed me (after a bazillion horrible, uncomfortable tests that no 16 year old should ever have to go through) with IBS or “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” which is about as sexy as it sounds.

There is no cure for it. It didn’t do any permanent damage. So the answer was to “manage the symptoms through diet and take lots of painkillers when it hurts too much”. Oh and the answer for my constant acid-filled stomach and heartburn was “Losec” which I remained on for 2 years or so.

Over time the symptoms gradually decreased, and by going meat-free, spicy-food-free, fat-free and basically sticking to a super-bland diet with lots of fibre for 6 or 8 months.

The diet definitely helped, but symptoms would come back during periods of stress, or whenever I was eating like crap. I had terrible heartburn 3 or 4 days a week. I had to buy new pants because I would get so bloated. Horrible but I would just sort of push it aside (if I could) and go on assuming that it was just my IBS and that it was “normal” and “just my body”.

And eventually my poor body was like “GIRL – I can’t take it anymore!” and just broke. Literally. Three years ago my stomach broke.

I cut dairy out first from my diet February 2010. Frustratingly, it only reduced a few of the symptoms.

On the advice of a good friend, I cut out gluten from my diet in July 2010. I experienced significant relief from my symptoms. Like, night and day. My stomach didn’t ache, my bloating disappeared, my head was clearer. It was pretty much like a miracle! I still had occasional symptoms, but it was a vast improvement.

My doctor sent me for a blood test and a colonoscopy to test for celiac disease. Both came back negative. My doctor says it’s not an allergy since I’m not having an anaphylactic reaction, but suggests since I’m doing so well to stick to a gluten free diet.

About a month later, I start having gluten-like reactions to soy products and had to cut soy out of my diet in August 2010. Doctor tells me to stop eating soy too. But that there is nothing he can do for me because there is nothing medically wrong with me. But I have horrible stomach cramps and then have diarrhoea for 1-2 days if I accidentally ingest gluten, dairy or soy.

Frustrated I turned to alternative medicine and started seeing a holistic nutritionist named Daniel. You’ll see him mentioned in my blog. But basically through nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and diet, all of my symptoms have disappeared.

No pills.

No quick fixes.

Just letting my body heal itself by removing inflammatory foods and giving it proper nutrients.

I have no heartburn, and rarely have stomach cramps unless I’m accidentally “gluten-ed” eating out. I’m not going into detail about my bowel movements but those have also improved!

When I eat like this, I feel younger, healthier and better than I have probably since I was a teenager. I don’t get sick as often or for as long. I have more energy. I just feel like a new person.

And this is why I am writing this blog.

I have become so passionate about whole, healthy, organic living and nutritious food and I want to share what I’ve learned, suggest some ideas that might help people looking to improve their health and that are suffering from stomach ailments that are easily helped by dietary changes!

I want to share what I have learned and continue to learn and discover with fellow food enthusiasts (both successes and failures!), and hope to have some feedback, sharing and lively discussions along the way.

NOTE: I have also been happily surprised (and inspired!) by the number and quality of gluten-free/whole foods blogs out there! A select few appear under my Blogroll (in the right-hand sidebar) and I suggest looking through them for ideas, recipes, advice and inspiration!

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  1. Lishon 01 Sep 2011 at 2:23 am

    Hey, love your blog! How can I get in contact with you, I have a few questions about living gluten-free in Ontario.



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