Jun 02 2011

Weekly Meal Plan – May 29 – June 4

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I’m feeling some guilt for letting my blog go for a WHOLE MONTH…but at the same time, not kicking myself too hard for it. I got busy and stopped cooking. And stopped meal planning. Got lazy with my supplements…and I got sick. Had no energy. Felt like crap. First Stefan was sick, then I was sick, I had a bridal shower in there, had a massive bout of pinkeye *ew*, have been doing much wedding planning (this is what happens when you leave it all until the last minute HA!), trying to figure out what to do with my life, and have just been otherwise busy! And summer is coming…makes it harder to be inside cooking/planning and cleaning and we have a TON of stuff going on! So trying to keep on top of stuff while indulging patio/bbq desires…it’s a tricky balance!

So back on the horse I climb, hopefully to stay! May was just a tough month but June is already better!

Still posting my weekly meal plan even though we’re almost done the week! (Better late than never right?) I’ll post a few new recipes over the next few days! 🙂


  • Brunch: Bacon & egg sandwiches with homemade cajun homefries (mhm!)
  • Dinner: Homemade pasta sauce, homemade meatballs (without breadcrumbs! a revelation they are so much better!) and quinoa spaghetti!




  • Breakfast: Fried eggs and asparagus (I know weird – I was starving and sauteed up some leftovers and some eggs!)
  • Lunch: Vegetarian Chili (from freezer) for Dee, Stefan has Pizza Pops (we all need treats!)
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken breast on a leafy green salad!


  • Breakfast: Gluten and Dairy Free Hemp Protein Breakfast Smoothie (My breakfast of choice apparently this week! It’s so simple to throw together quickly!)
  • Lunch: Leftover salad/chicken for Dee, deli-meat sandwich for Stef
  • Dinner: Vegetarian curry for Dee, chicken curry for Stef


  • Breakfast: Hot Breakfast Quinoa
  • Lunch: Curry leftovers!
  • Dinner: Meeting wedding consultant at restaurant after work. Will likely stay and eat the best gluten free pizza in town (aside from mine!)


  • Brunch: Eggs and bacon!
  • Dinner: More curry? TBD!

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  1. fartygirlon 05 Jun 2011 at 12:19 pm

    I followed yr smoothie link! Hemp is going to be my new staple, cos I need more protein! Thanks for the recipe!

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